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12th Jun 2013 | by: Joe Collins

Pop-up gutter downspout discharge prevents wet basements

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Do you have problems with a wet basement?  Wet basements are a breeding ground for mold and can have a negative effect on property values.

This client was experiencing large amounts of water in their finished basement every time there was a  rainfall. Other contractors tried to solve their wet basement issues, but had no luck.  They tried digging around the foundation and using bentonite to seal out the moisture.  They added additional soil and sloped it away from the foundation to move rain and run-off away. Neither of these attempts worked and our client still had a wet basement after each rain.

After discussing the problems with the client and looking over the property we determined two courses of action.  First, it was important to keep the clients gutters clean and free flowing.  Second, all run-off needed to be moved as far away from the home as possible.

We began by replacing their old 5″ gutters with new 6″ seamless aluminum gutters.  By up-sizing from  5″ to 6″ we added 40% move water carrying capacity to their system.
To insure the gutters stayed  free flowing we installed Gutter Helmet®. We consider Gutter Helmet® to be the best gutter protection product on the market, bar none.

To move the run-off away from the home we installed a 4″ buried system with a pop-up emitter. Setting the emitter 15-20 feet from the home moved all roof run-off away from the house.

The combination of these two solutions took care of the wet basement problems. The beauty of this system is that it is totally maintenance free. Once installed our client can be sure there will be no issues with a wet basement again.  Our customer made it through a wet summer dry and happy.

Wet Basement Solved

About the Author: Joe Collins

Joe has nearly 30 years of experience finding solutions for clients. He has specialized in construction and home improvement for the past 15 years.

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