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Bungalow Porch Renovation

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Category: Decks, Exterior Trans, Outdoor Living, Porches, Remodels
Date: 2013
Client: C.L.

The front porch on this classic bungalow was showing its age.  The foundation had settled, causing the roof to sag.  The deck and rail boards were weathered.

Our client had recently updated the home’s exterior with new siding and windows.  Her goal was to renovate the porch to also be maintenance free.

Inland corrected the structural issues. The roof was raised and floor structure replaced.  The precast concrete steps were removed.  In their place, composite steps and hand rail were installed.  A new composite floor and trim were installed.  The original porch skirt was reproduced in composite material.

Maintenance Free Front Porch

Maintenance free front porch and railing

Front Porch  prior to its Exterior Transformation

Bungalow front porch prior to renovation

Preserving the style of the porch rail and skirt was important to our client.  While she wanted a maintenance free porch, she wanted to preserve its classic looks.

Products used in this Exterior Transformation include:

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