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Category: Decks, Outdoor Living, Porches
Date: 2012
Client: R.S

Our client and his family enjoy relaxing evenings on their deck.  Unfortunately, the deck faces west with no shade or shelter.  Our solution was to add a deck roof over the existing 12’x18′ existing deck.  The client’s family still wanted to enjoy the sun, however.  A new Evergrain deck addition with stair was added.  The stair adds convenient access to the backyard.

The dining room roof was integrated into the deck roof.  This provided a clean, integrated look.  Our client did not want the deck roof to appear “tacked on.”   Siding, soffit and deck materials all match the existing home.

Deck Addition with New Roof & Stair

Deck and roof addition

Deck before the Transformation

Before the new deck roof and expansion

Coordinating the addition with the existing home important.  Inland used matching products for all finishes; accomplishing our client’s objective.

Products used in this Exterior Transformation include:

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