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6th Jan 2014 | by: Art Robertson

Many homes and businesses suffer from deteriorating siding. Curb appeal is affected. Structural damage is a real possibility. Once compromised, wood siding goes down hill fast.

Wood siding is always susceptible to weathering. There are many potential causes:


Wood based siding by its very nature is at risk from moisture, insects, animals and fire.

This video shows moisture damage to siding on a home. This type of damage can occur in only a few years.

HardiePlank Protects

HardiePlank siding is a nearly permanent solution. It is made from durable fiber reinforced cement.  It is almost indestructible.  There are no wood fibers to attract insects.  Its primary ingredient, cement, is not affected by moisture.  There is no risk of rot or swelling.  HardiePlank does not burn or melt.  It resists impacts from hail, golf balls, and wind blown debris.   HardiePlank can be installed to withstand 150 MPH winds.  It is ideal for harsh climates.

HardiePlank Color Plus Palette

Available Factory Applied HardiePlank ColorPlus Finishes

Primed HardiePlank accepts site applied finishes very well.  Site-painted HardiPlank holds its finish 3-4 times longer than wood siding.  Longer lasting finishes save time and moneyIt looks great for the duration.

Factory applied ColorPlus finishes last even longer.   ColorPlus engineered coatings are baked on for maximum durability.  The ColorPlus system doesn’t require any attention for at least 15 years.  That’s long term peace of mind.

ColorPlus finishes are available in a wide range of colors.  Combined with the available trim colors, they provide a low maintenance exterior for years.

HardiePlank siding provides a sound investment.  Properly installed it is worry free for years.  Among its most valuable benefits are:

Compare the siding options.  HardiePlank siding wins hands down.  It offers long term protection.  It can be finished on site with custom colors.  ColorPlus provides years of worry free finish.  Why not invest in the best?  HardiePlank is your anwer.


About the Author: Art Robertson

Art has worked in the construction trades since 1986. Since starting as an apprentice carpenter while attending architecture school, he has gained a broad understanding of the industry. His areas of expertise include light commercial construction, custom home design and construction, in addition to project logistical planning and management.

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