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12th Dec 2013 | by: Art Robertson

Heated Gutters Prevent Ice Dams

Winter is upon us.  With it comes the potential for ice dams.  There are a few easy steps to avoiding them:


Debris filled gutters cause lots of problems.  Blocked gutters hold water.  The added weight of water and leaves can damage the fascia.  In extreme cases, the gutters can be pulled down.  Ice filled gutters don’t allow snow melt running down the roof to flow out the downspouts.  Instead the water flows over the face of the gutter forming icicles; often causing a hazard.

Attic insulation helps prevent the underside of snow on your roof from melting.  When the underside of roof snowpack melts and runs down the roof, it re-freezes as soon as it gets to the eave, forming an ice dam.  The longer this happens, the larger the ice dam.  Eventually, it can become large enough to back melt water up under your shingles.  Now we have a roof leak.

Leaves and sticks in roof valleys can also obstruct free drainage.  When a backup of melted snow forms, it too can leak into the attic.

Gutter Helmet installed over 6" seamless aluminum guttersThe permanent solution is Helmet Heat with Gutter Helmet.  Gutter Helmet keeps your gutters clean and free flowing year-round. Helmet Heat maintains your gutters, eaves and valleys ice free.  This patented system keeps temperatures slightly above freezing.  No energy wasted when the sun warms the gutters.  The Helmet Heat regulates itself.  No forgetting to turn heat tape on or off.  No worry about overheating.  Helmet Heat and Gutter Helmet combine to protect your home all year.


About the Author: Art Robertson

Art has worked in the construction trades since 1986. Since starting as an apprentice carpenter while attending architecture school, he has gained a broad understanding of the industry. His areas of expertise include light commercial construction, custom home design and construction, in addition to project logistical planning and management.

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