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Values Guide People …

We strive every day at The Inland Group to act in harmony with our Core Values.

We believe that long term value for our customers and sustained success as a team must be based upon values, not expediency.

… People Create Solutions

Nothing is more important at The Inland Group than people. While solutions are what Inland is all about, they are not an end in themselves.

Solutions are created to meet the needs of people, and it is people who solve problems.

Where We’ve Been

The Inland Group has served the midwest since 2001.

During its first 5 years, Inland focused on custom residential construction in the vicinity of Lincoln, NE. Projects included affordable homes on urban in-fill lots, custom homes on acreages and equestrian estates consisting of custom homes, stables and riding arenas.

Beginning in 2005 Inland expanded its services to include modular building erection of single-family homes and multi-family buildings in remote and resource scarce markets. Inland has participated in nearly 200 residential and light commercial systems-built projects from Iowa to Utah, northern Wyoming to southern Kansas.

Rigging, shoring, and high/exposed work have become a natural extension of the services at which the Inland Team excels. While experienced in the broad spectrum of skills necessary to succeed as al General Contractor, The Inland Group now primarily specializes in structural repairs, rigging, and high/exposed work.

The Inland Group Core Values

We create value through efficient effort

  • No one benefits unless we create value. First and foremost we create value.
  • Value is only created through effort. It doesn’t just happen. It is work.
  • Efficiency sets us apart. We and our clients benefit from efficient effort rather than unfocused wandering through a day.
  • The client receives a better value in terms of project speed, clear progress and attentive engagement on our part.
  • We benefit too: superior revenue generation, the novelty of always looking for a better way, and the joy of doing everything to the best of our ability.

We move with purposeful action

  • Everything we do matters; has purpose.
  • Moving with purpose forces the mind to be focused and anticipate the next step. Efficiency naturally follows.

We are selfless

  • We exist to serve. Service is selfless.
  • If we are selfish, we cannot serve our clients successfully.
  • Selflessness is pervasive and is a key element in the environment we seek to nurture: a work environment in which all can thrive and finish strong.

We deal honestly

  • Without honesty there can be no trust.
  • Self-honesty yields humility: the ability to learn and grow.
  • Inter-personal honesty is the basis of real relationship.
  • Honesty keeps things simple; if we are always truthful, we never have to remember what the story is…

We are predictably reliable

  • Reliability is a facet of honesty. Doing as we say and owning what we do.
  • Predictability brings a sense of safety to relationships. Being genuine all the time and thus predictable in your responses to situations enables teamwork rather than the chaos created by emotionally unpredictable individuals.


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Meet the Leadership

Joe Collins – Estimating / Sales

Joe attended the University of Nebraska Omaha and served in the Nebraska National Guard.

He has 20-years of customer service, sales and market development experience. Joe has concentrated his efforts since 2011 in the construction industry. He is adept at clarifying customer’s needs, assembling effective teams, and delivering unique solutions.

Joe is the primary contact at The Inland Group for customers, clients, vendors and suppliers.  He is responsible for estimating, sales, marketing, and project scheduling.

Valerie Robertson – CEO

Valerie earned a Bachelors in Business Administration and has held executive positions in a variety of business sectors.

She has focused on construction and development since 2001. Her non-profit development experience and perspective gained while serving in executive roles with supply chain corporations keeps Inland’s focus on meeting client’s needs.

Valerie serves as President of The Inland Group and oversees all aspects of Inland’s business operations.

Art Robertson – Operations

Art has worked in the construction industry since 1986, with the exception of a break for military duty.

His experience includes residential and light commercial General Contracting, modular structures erection, and project development.  Art’s passion is engaging a team to solve unique and difficult construction problems for clients.  The “scarier the better.”

Art leads field operations and the development of emerging leaders.